Observance of the World Environment Day -2024

The World Environment Day- 2024 was organised at Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, Khatkhati & Bokajan Town Unit on the 5th of June. The activities focused on the Environment began after the morning Assembly at 8 am. The following Activities conducted:

  • Speech on the World Environment Day delivered by the students of Class- III to VII.
  • Speech on the Significance of the Day delivered by a student of Class-V Kumari Sawanti Dey and Sri Robin Singha, an Asst. Teacher of our Vidyalaya.
  • Valuable anecdotes based on Environment shared by Sri Shiva Panika, an Asst. Teacher of our Vidyalaya.
  • A Short Drama on the Importance of Nature played by the kids of Class- I to III.
  • Drawing and Painting Competition by the students of Class- I to IV (in Group 1), Class- V to VII (in Group 2) and Class- I to III of BTU (in Group-3).  
  • Creative Writing Competition based on the Importance of the Day in the form of Poem and Short Essay in English/Hindi/ Assamese by the students of Class- V to VII.
  • Identification of Trees in the Campus and marking them with Local and Scientific names by the students of Class- IV to VII under the guidance of Parthana Gogoi, Sandigdha Deb and Sabitry Kumari Verma, the Asst. Teachers of our Vidyalaya.
  • Applying Limewater on the trunk of the trees in order to protect them from being attacked by termites by Bhanu Sharma, Bhaiya of our Vidyalaya.
  • Plantation of Saplings at Dumukhiya, Kachari Namghar, Bokajan by the students of Bokajan Town Unit.  
  • Inauguration of the plantation of Neem Saplings in the campus with the objective of planting minimum 64 Neem Saplings (in the campus area between Health and Wellness-cum-Yoga Centre and Guest House-cum-Exhibition Hall).    

In today’s programme, Teachers and Non-Teaching Staff Members of our Vidyalaya, the Staff Members of VK HARI ILC-CPHC Project and the Karyakartas of Vivekananda Kendra Khatkhati were present. 


Celebration of the 75th Republic Day

The 75th Republic Day was celebrated on the 26th of January 2024 at our School Playground with utmost patriotic fervour. The Chief Guest of the Programme was Sri Horeswar Goyari, SGB, Khatkhati Kachari Gaon. The other dignitaries were Sri Sunil Bey, VDP Secretary, Sarumanthi Village; Sri Rohini Bey, LGB, Sarumanthi Village; Sri Lokheswar Saikia, LGB, 2 No. Kachari Gaon; Sri Lonki Ingti, VDP Member, Baliram Engti Village; Sri Rensing Terang, LGB, Nihang Village; Sri Surya Thapa, Secretary, 2 No. Kachari Gaon; Smt. Meera Beypi, ASHA, Sarumanthi Village; Sri. Dilip Kumar Chetry, Retd. Subedar, Indian Army ; Sri Dimbeswar Gogoi, Prakalpa Sangthak, VKRWP Khatkhati; Dr. Budi Apu, Team Leader, VK HARI  ILC; Sri Ashish Metkar, Field Coordinator, VK HARI ILC & Fellow, Sewa International as well as the other village members, Parents, Guardians and Well-wishers, Teachers and Non-Teaching Staff Members.   The programme was started with the Kendra rituals by Su. Sangdigdha Deb, Asst. Teacher, VKV Khatkhati. The Pushpanjali was done by the Hon’ble Chief Guest and the Headmaster along with a few other dignitaries. The Welcome Speech was delivered by Sri Subash Kr. Verma, Headmaster, VKV Khatkhati, followed by the Hoisting of the National Flag. The Parade March-Past was done by the Team Lachit Baraphukon and the Team Kanaklata Baruah, comprising of the students from Class-II to Class-VI of our Vidyalaya and after that a short Speech was delivered by the Hon’ble Chief Guest. A Group Patriotic Song titled, “Dharma Ke Liye Jiye- Samaj Ke Liye Jiye” was presented by the teachers of the Vidyalaya, followed by the Speech on the Significance of the Day, delivered by Su. Parthana Gogoi, Asst. Teacher, VKV Khatkhati. Sarbon Thapa, a student of Class-V and Pari Sharma, a student of Class-IV delivered their speeches with special focus on the formation of the Constitution of India, which was followed by a Patriotic Song titled, “Vande Mataram…Jai Bharat Vande Mataram” by the students. A beautiful Group Dance based on the Patriotic Theme was performed by a group of the students of Class IV, V & VI and a Solo Dance based on the Patriotic Theme was performed by Angel Thapa, a student of Class-V. Gunjan Mech and Rahel Thapa, student of Class- I had also performed a patriotic Group Dance in the programme. On this auspicious occasion a highly patriotic original Poem (Hindi) titled, “Aisa Hai Desh Mera” was recited by Sri Jayanta Topadar, Asst. Teacher, VKV Khatkhati. Finally, the Vote of Thanks was delivered by Sri Romi Singh, Asst. Teachers, VKV Khatkhati.

On this auspicious occasion Hoisting of the National Flag at Bokajan Town Unit, a Unit of Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, Khatkhati was Hoisted by Sri Bijoy Dey, Member, SMC, VKV Khatkhati. The Programme was started with the Manglacharan by Su. Mina Tokbipi, Asst. Teacher, VKV khatkhati followed by the Welcome Speech by the Headmaster of the Vidyalaya. A patriotic group song was presented by the Students of Bokajan Town Unit followed by the Speech by the Sri Bijoy Dey Sir.

Thereafter, the wonderful programmes were concluded with the chanting of the Shanti Mantra as per the Kendra Ritual. We duly Acknowledge the sincere Backstage Contributions of all the Teachers, the Non-Teaching staff members and the Karyakarta-s of the Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, Khatkhati and the Vivekananda Kendra Rural Welfare Project Khatkhati.

"Prakaram Diwas" - Observation on the occasion of Netaji Jayanti, on 23.01.2024

Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, Khatkhati and its Bokajan Town Unit have observed "Prakaram Diwas" on the occasion of Netaji Jayanti. Kumari Pari Sharma of Class-IV delivered a short Speech on the life of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. Sri Romi  Singh, Asst. Teacher at Khatkhati Vidyalaya and Kumari Tania Das, Asst. Teacher  at Bokajan Town Unit have delivered the Speech on the Significance of the Day. The Students of Class-VI have presented a patriotic song titled  " Hum Hain Sapoot Bharat Ke - Hum Hain Bande Ishwar Ke".

The National Youth Day & Vivek Rally- 2024

The National Youth Day (Vivekananda Jayanti) was celebrated on the 12th of January, 2024 at Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, Khatkhati (Assam), to commemorate the 161st Birth Anniversary of the 'cyclonic patriotic monk' Swami Vivekananda who showcased 'Bharat' in the West as the 'Jagadguru'. The programme started with the 'Pusphanjali' (offering of flowers with reverence) at the feet of Swami Vivekananda, followed  by the brief speech on the significance of the day by Sri Ashish Metkar, a Geet on Swamiji ji by the sisters (based on the "Padavali". Sri Subash Kr. Verma, Principal of the Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, Khatkhati; Sri Dimbeswer Gogoi, Prakalpa Sanghatak, VKRWP Khatkhati; Sri Sanjay Pachkhede, Vanaprasthi Karyakarta, Vivekananda Kendra Kanyakumari; Sri Sunil Bey, Secretary, VDP Sarumanthi Village, the  teaching faculty, Non Teaching Staff Members, Kendra Karyakartas, the Students, the Parents and the Well-wishers,  had attended the 'karyakram' with utmost dedication and enthusiasm. The Vivek Rally was started from the School Gate till the Saila Mandir Tinali (to and fro) with inspiring SLOGANS in Hindi, Assamese and English  by the All and the Anchoring of the slogans led by Sri Jayanta Topadar, Sri Rajesh Chetry & Smt. Mina Tokbipi, Asst. Teachers. The "Pushpanjali" was done at five different locations (including our campus). The total participants were 145. The 'Karyakram' was concluded at the Assembly hall of the Vidyalaya with a positive message and an awareness about Swami Vivekananda by the Principal the the Vidyalaya.