A Report on the Celebration of the International Yoga Day, 2023 At Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya Khatkhati and It's Bokajan Town Unit.

The International Yoga Day was celebrated at VKV Khatkhati and BTU on the 21st of June, 2023 (Wednesday).                                

The highlights of the programme at VKV Khatkhati :                                              

The holy Omkara was chanted thrice by Smt. Hongbari Phanchopi, Asst. Teacher, VKV KKT and it was followed by the Shanti Path. Then, Sri Jayanta Topadar, Asst. Teachers, VKV KKT delivered his Welcome Speech as well as he threw light on the Significance of the Day. It was followed by the demonstration of some of the postures of yoga and breathing exercises by Kumari Sandigdha Deb, Asst.Teacher, VKV KKT and Kumari Parthana Gogoi, Asst. Teacher, VKV KKT                           The following Loosening Exercises  were done :

   1) Neck Bending :

        Forward and Backward

         Right and Left

   2)Neck Twisting :

         Right and Left

  3) Rotation of the Neck

  4)Movement of the Shoulders*

  5) Movement of the  Trunk*

         The following Yogasanas were demonstrated and followed up :                          1) Vrksasana (The Posture of a Tree)

  2) Vajrasana

The following Pranayamas were demonstrated and followed up :

  1) Kapalbhati

  2) Nadisodhana

  3) Sitali Pranayama

  4) Bhramari Pranayama  

Total 114 students and parents were attended in the program.                                            

The Highlights of the IYD, 2023 programme at Bokajan Town Unit ( A Unit school of VKV Khatkhati)                 

At BTU also the programme began with the chanting of the Omkara thrice, followed by Shanti Path. The Welcome Speech as well as the Importance of the Day was delivered by  Pranjal Das (Asst. Librarian, Junior) and then, the Invocation (Chanting of the Omkara thrice along with the Mantra) was done by Mina Tokbipi, Asst Teacher, VKV Khatkhati.

The following activities were done at BTU :                                                                    

1) Loosening practice

    (Bending of the Neck in 4 stages)

2) Movement of the Shoulders

3) Movement of the  Trunk

4) Movement of the   Knees

5) Taradasana (Standing Posture)

 6) Vrkrasa

 7) Ardha Chakrasa

 8) Sitting Posture (Bhadrasana)                  

The Total Attendance at Bokajan Town Unit was 32.