World Environment Day-2023






The World Environment Day was observed on the 5th of June, 2023 (Monday) at VKV Khatkhati & at Bokajan Town Unit. The Significance of the Day was delivered by the Principal of the school, Sri Subash Kumar Verma during the Morning Assembly at VKV Khatkhati. He threw light on the conservation of the environment and natural resources. He spoke on the importance of plantation for all living beings, and also asked the students to bring one sapling each to school on their birthdays and asked them to take care of it by pouring water to its roots every morning and keeping an eye on it every day. He, also, shared his idea about nurturing the birds. He asked each student to bring a handful of food grains to school, as and when it might be possible (and that too, with due permission of their parents)- and to store it in a fixed place together, so as to supply it to birds as and when required and help them survive well.

Thereafter, a Competition based on Drawing & Painting (for students) was held during the 3rd & the 4th periods respectively, in both the places, and thereafter those were exhibited inside the school campus. All the students from Class Nursery to Class VI enthusiastically participated at the same, under guidance of teachers.

After the aforementioned competition was over, miscellaneous saplings were planted on the ground in both the campus, under guidance & cooperation of teachers & non-teaching staff members. After plantation, sufficient water was supplied to their roots. Also, it was suggested to bring some extra water with them so as to pour it at the roots.

Finally, some hand-made Birds' Homes & Nests (made by the students and staff members) were exhibited, and thereafter those were fixed on the three big trees in front of the school, so that the birds could stay there safely. Thus, it was really a fruitful day for all.